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01 What is Aging?

As one grows older, the number of somatic cells lose their ability to divide and the number of cells is reduced. By decreasing the number of cells of epidermis & dermis in the skin, the skin loses elasticity, wrinkles are generated.

Intrinsic aging
● Due to the increase of the age of the aging
● Decline of metabolism in the body
● Mainly genetic factors (Hormonal, congenital skin thickness, etc.)
Aging caused by harmful elements in the human body, free radicals, aging gene & DNA denaturation is originated. Because it occurs in the internal, it is difficult to adjust, especially, the biggest impact is caused by free radicals.
Extrinsic Aging
● Aging caused by environmental factors
● Continuous exposure to stimulus such as UV light, cold,
   cooling / heating & etc.
● Drinking, Smoking, Stress
Aging is caused by harmful environmental factors of the outside the human body.
Photo aging
※ Photo aging
Representative UV rays A(UV-A) and B(UV-B) coming through the atmosphere penetrate to the skin. UV-B energy is concentrated in the epidermis represents the effect of burning the skin.
As a result of UV-A coming through to the dermis, generating lots of active oxygen and destroying the collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid causes the skin aging.
In other words, UV-A is an actual main cause of skin aging
※ other factors
As UV rays are the representative external factor of skin aging, many other things
like as infrared light, smoking, drug consumption, menopause & etc. are associated.

02 How to rejuvenate skin by RF Needle System?

Needle in the dermis layer stimulates growth factor in the skin cell. Cell division on the epidermis layer is activated and the epidermis become thicker. Collagen and elastin proliferated in dermis layer and the dermis layer is rearranged and tighten the skin.

Radio frequency is generated to the surface of the needle inside of the skin for less than one second and it gives thermal effect to the surrounded skin of the needle. It induces skin regeneration by the RF stimulation.

03 How to rejuvenate skin CO2 Fractional Laser System?

CO2 fractional laser radiates micro laser beam by scanner on the skin and it induces resurfacing on epidermis and regenerating collagen in dermis as optimum thermal effect. With human wound healing process against artificially made thermal damage by the laser, skin can get new good skin by wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, acne, pore minimization and scar treatment.

04 How to rejuvenate skin by combination energy of Laser+RF or IR+RF System?

Laser+RF or IR+RF system treats the asking skin such as loose and saggy skin with big pore and deep wrinkles After treatment, the skin gets tightened pore and reduced wrinkles with shrinked collagen. One month later, Collagen and elastin are regenerated and rearranged, so that wrinkles, pores and skin textures are improved.

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