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01 What is scar treatment?

If you have a wound on the skin, body begin healing by creation of collagen, angiogenesis and contraction of the epidermis. The collagen created excessively in the process causes bumps or carved scars. The treatment is to make the wounded skin similarly to the normal skin tissue, through out the scar tissue resection & suture, laser therapy and releasing the excessively created collagen by using high frequency in a variety of ways. Scar treatment helps scars are less noticeable to the eye. But it is difficult to completely remove the scar itself.

What are Acne Scars

If you have acne on the skin, Inflammation occurs around the area where acne is present on the skin. To go back to normal skin and healing inflammation, it needs nutrients. The blood vessels proliferated around the area receive the nutrients and the skin can be restored. However excessive proliferate makes red acne scars(marks) and bumps by regenerating excessive collagen or caved acne scars.

How to treat scars by RF Fractional Needle and CO2 Fractional Laser?

RF needle heats & stimulates fibro blast and releases the excessively connected collagen fibers in the dermis. Scars become even (flat) by regenerating and rearranging collagen.
Fractional Laser is radiated on the epidermis and upper dermis layer and makes artificial thermal damages around the scar and the surrounded normal tissue begins heal the artificial wound so the bumped or carved scars become even(flat) by helping improvement of skin texture and skin tone.
Hyperpigmentation or red marks after inflammation last about 6 month to 2~3 years long on the epidermis. So if we remove capillaries around the scars by IRIS, the time period of scar treatment can be Shortened.

How to treat pigmented lesions by Electrophoresis?

It is the way to interfuse liquid solution to the skin through electrical stimulation without needles. Electrical pulse makes holes temporarily on the surface of the skin and effective solution is permeated in the skin through the cell membrane. When the moment electrical pulse is stopped, holes will be closed. It can deliver solution without pain so we can expect treatment of pigmented lesions and effectiveness skin care.

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