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01 What are Pigmented Lesions?

Melanin generated in the melanocytes is an important factor that determines the skin color of the human. It plays a role in protecting the skin against UV rays.
If melanin cell is exposed to strong UV rays for a long time, more melanin is generated to protect skins. If excessive melanin pigmentation is accumulated, pigmented lesion such as freckle, melasma, blemish and so on is caused. Pigmented lesions can occur through a variety of causes such as aging, heredity, hormones, stress, temperature changes, lack of sleep, as well as the UV rays.

How to treat pigmented lesions by Long pulse 532nm Diode (Photothermal reaction)?

IRIS uses Long Pulse Duration as a unit of micro second and its Photo-thermal Reaction eliminates the denatured pigment.
The high absorption rate for melanin of 532nm is effective to treat pigmented lesions such as freckles, age spots, liver spots. Melanin in the pigmented lesion absorb thermal energy from the laser is denatured and after a certain period of time, it shows skin improvement after scabbing & missing.

How to treat pigmented lesions by CO2 Laser?

Spots and pigmented lesions can be removed by using the Normal Mode(Surgical mode). Fractional Mode irradiates micro laser beams to the skin, which makes the skin tone brighter.

How to treat pigmented lesions by Electrophoresis?

It is the way to interfuse liquid solution to the skin through electrical stimulation without needles. Electrical pulse makes holes temporarily on the surface of the skin and effective solution is permeated in the skin through the cell membrane. When the moment the electrical pulse has stopped, holes will be closed. It can deliver solution without pain so we can expect treatment of pigmented lesions and effectiveness skin care.

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