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01 What is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal of means remove unwanted hair on the body with laser. Vikini uses 808nm diode laser for hair removal because 808nm laser is absorbed only certain chromophore and the hair is the right chromophore on the skin of human body. Thanks to these features of selective photothermolysis, when the Vikini laser is radiated on the body, melanin which is the right chromophore for 808nm diode laser absorbs the laser selectively and the laser is delivered to the hair follicle so finally the thermal energy destroy the hair follicle without damage the adjacent tissue.

Therefore, the absorption rate of the melanin is the important factor to destroy hair follicle for hair removal. If the absorption rate is too high, it damaged to the skin but if it is too low, we need higher power involving high burn risk and high pain to the adjacent tissue.
Based on long clinical experience and the feature of laser and skin, the ideal laser for hair removal is a diode laser of 800nm wavelength ranges.

so, Vikini adapt 808nm diode laser and moreover the powerful contact cooling system of Vikini remarkably to protect the skin against pain and burn risk.

How to remove hair by laser?

Hair has growing cycle as anagen(growth phase), catagen(transitional phase) and Telogen (Resting Phase) and it is repeated. During the hair removal treatment, thermal energy
is delivered to the hair follicle and it destroys the hair follicle. At the time, the hair on anagen is removed effectively but the hair on catage and telogen isn’t removed because they do not absorb the laser on the epidermis. So these hairs should be removed when they become anagen by additional treatment. Therefore, in order to remove all hair, we need hair removal treatment based on the hair cycle repeatedly. It is normally 3 to 5 times based on skin type and hair type.
For thin hair or bright hair which has less melanin, more treatment repetition can be required.

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