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01 What is RF Body Contouring?

RF body contouring system reduces the subcutaneous fat and visceral fat as well as Cellulite by diathermy melting and excreting fat. RF body contouring involves obesity management, skin care, skin lifting & acne treatment, etc.
** Cellulite so called orange pees syndrome is uneven skin shape by the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissues. It is not a skin disease but we need contouring body for the purpose of beauty.

How to contour body line with Radio Frequency?

Once Radio Frequency electric current is delivered in the skin deeply, it is converted into thermal energy by distortion, spin & impact so heat and diathermy is generated within the organization.

Due to the tissue temperature rising, it is effective of improving the function of the cell, promoting blood circulation, improving lymphatic circulation, cellulite burning, enhancing skin regeneration and so on.

RF body contouring system loosens securely connected combination of adipose tissue by generating the deep heat in the body, it accelerates the burning of fat tissue by dissolving & burning the water. The melted fat is excreted through out sweat glands or urine. RF body contouring system reduces the subcutaneous fat as well as visceral fat by inducing meting and excreting fat. So the body shape become even contouring and looks sleek and slim.

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