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VIKINI, High Power Hair Removal Diode Laser system

High Power Diode laser system for permanent hair removal equipped with collinmated
optical lens for the less pain and effective result with short pulse duration

01 Introduction

VIKINI is a State of Art technology which can effectively work on every skin type and hair whether thick or thin. The
procedures are completely painless and very fast. VIKINI works on Continuous Wave technology which makes
sure the average Peak Power is the same in every pulse keeping it very accurate in every pulse, which might not
be the case in other lasers which work on qasi-static waves. Every Pulse that is emitted by VIKINI system is divided
into two parts, a Long pulse and Short pulse. FDP(Fast Delivery Pulse) Mode delivers 10Hz maximum speed
for fast treatment for large treatment area and reduce treatment time with safety.

02 Features

808nm Diode Laser system
Ideal 808nm wavelength for hair removal with good melanin absorption rate
High Power Diode Laser
Equipped Collimated lens reduces energy loss and delivery high energy to the hair follicle
Sapphire Contact Cooling
Strong Sapphire tip contact Cooling(2℃) makes less pain and burn during treatment
Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor in the hand piece indicates proper temperature condition for the treatment on the screen
No consumable and maintenance parts
No need to change Flash Lamp for the maintenance
FDP, DP1, DP2 Modes and diverse pulse type for different skin & hair types
Short Treatment Time
DP Mode has max.3Hz and FDP Mode has max.10Hz, it is available for fast treatment for large area
Other devices

Collimator lens equipped

Three different Treatment Modes (FDP, DP1, DP2)
DP1 (Delivery Pulse1)
Short, Long, Blend, Burst
- Depending on the hair & skin type, choose an ideal mode for efficacy
DP2 (Delivery Pulse2)
Adjust pulse number (up to 7 Pulses) [ ILOODA’s exclusive function ]
- DP2 is effective mode for fine hair with dividing Short pulse into consecutive pulses based on setting count
- Laser is radiated as many as pulse count up to 7 with fixed rest(off) time of 5ms interval between short pulses in order to increase absorption rate in fine hair.
FDP (Fast Delivery Pulse)
Effective mode for fast treatment, up to 10Hz
- The sweeping technique eliminates skipped spots often left by “one pulse at a time” lasers.
- This concept deliver fast energy in wide operation area so that makes short treatment time compared to conventional hair removal system.

03 Application

04 Video


VIKINI Treatment

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07 FAQ

What are the precautions ? before the procedure?
The most essential thing is to avoid tanning before the procedure. Tanning can cause skin burns. If the people having dark skin tones rub in whitening ointment on treatment area for 2-4 weeks, they would Get a safer and more accurate conclusions.
What should I do before the procedure?
You should remove the hairs on the treatment area 2 days before. The people sensitive to pain can receive the procedure after applying anesthetic cream.
How long does it take?
It takes 5~30 minutes depending on the treatment area.
How often do I need to receive the procedure?
You should receive the procedure about 5 times at intervals of 6 weeks
What are the precautions ? after the procedure?
You should avoid direct sunlight to prevent pigmentation for a week after hair removal. Applying sun cream on the treatment area is helpful.
A brief shower on the day of the hair removal is fine, but you should avoid sauna and bath. Consult a doctor if the red marks or swelling does not subside after more than 7 days.