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The Best Combination of 755nm Diode &

Motion Scanning Technology

For hair Removal

01 Introduction

VeLux755 Provides the optimal hair removal solution by combining 755nm diode and motion scanning technology. Such an ideal combination offers better absorption rate, safe and effective treatment. The 50x15mm large spot size provides a bigger treatment area. Furthermore, it’s stable and comfort contact cooling features with its high-speed hair removal treatment will not require the use of anesthetics or gel.

02 Features

● High Speed and Flexibility
The large spot size will offer fast hair treatment using its diode scanning technology. Also, its easy adjustable spot size from 50 to 10 mm provides easy & simple application targeting to treat small areas in the face and body.
● Powerful Cooling and Comfort
The powerful sapphire tip contact cooling and its higher absorption of 755nm wavelength gives the optimal benefit of hair removal treatment without anesthetics and gels comparing to it conventional diode hair removal laser system. Also, practitioner can choose an extra air cooling adaptor for fine hair or sensitive skin, which offers improved comfort during treatment.
● Easy Operation
Easy mode with pre-set parameters on hair types and treatment areas offers easy and simple application method for hair removal treatment. Its additional professional mode allows practitioners to treat fine hairs effectively with pulse count mode.
● Safety
The output power indication will flash till the laser finishes scanning the treatment areas in order to avoid any misuse or unpredictable side effects caused by improper laser radiation..
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