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Vmax SYMPHONY, Bipolar RF plus Diode & IR

The complete solution of Aesthetic Treatment from skin tightening to hair removal by single device

01 Introduction

Symphony delivers the combined energy of Bipolar RF, 915nm Diode Laser and Infra red (IR) to the skin simultaneously for skin tightening, wrinkle care and collagen regeneration.
With its good synergy effect by cutting edge technology, Symphony is able to treat complex skin trouble safely by minimized side effect. People within the workforce prefer this method because of the minimal recovery time.

● RF(Bipolar RF) + 915nm Diode Laser(Diode Laser)
Symphony delivers thermal energy into the dermis layer and stimulates regenerating collagen and
elastin fiber. It is effective for acne treatment and pore minimizing by controlling sebum.
● RF(Bipolar RF) + Infra Red(IR)
Symphony delivers the thermal energy into the deep
dermis. It heats the skin and regenerate the collagen
fiber and elastin fibers, which lifts the sagged skin.
Mechanism of action

Delivered thermal energy in the skin stimulate collagen and elastin fibers and they are slowly regenerated and rearranged based on skin’s life skin. Usually it takes about 28 days.


The cooling system protects the skin and supports less pain during treatment.
Penetration depth of each hand piece are different based on the energy source, and doctors will choose the type of hand piece based on the target lesion.

02 Features

● Combined Energy
Single unit has 3 energy source and 2 combined energy.
- Laser Treatment Mode(Bipolar RF + 915nm Diode Laser)
- Light Treatment Mode (Bipolar RF + Infrared).
● Complete Solution
Single units can treat various skin trouble such as wrinkles, pores, acne, skin-tightening, sebum secretion, skin-tone, skin-texture
● Safe & painless
It is simple and easy with much less pain and needless to anesthetize in comparison with other equipment.
● Less Side Effect
It has almost no side-effects (burns, pigmentation, etc.) with the powerful ‘Contact Cooling’.
● Short Treatment Time
It needs short time of treatment from 10 to 30minutes by area.
● Cost Effective
you can use diode laser, Radio Frequency and Infra red in one machine

03 Application

04 Before & After

LI one month after 4 treatments
One month after 3 treatments
WL + LI one month after 4 treatments
WL + LI WL + LI one month after 5 treatments
Acne – 6 treatments
Periorbital laxity

05 Download

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