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Lunar-N, Cryo/Thermo EP and Cooling RF

The best way for skin care of liquid solution penetration, stimulating and skin smoothing

01 Introduction

Lunar-N is Total Skincare equipment combining Cryo/Termo electroporation and Cooling Radio Frequency.
Electrophoresis system extends the micro sized skin holes smaller than molecules paths by using electro stimulation and penetrates liquid solution up to subcutaneous fat layer. You can expect more than 2 times of medicine penetration effect (penetration rate: 50~60%) than current Iontophoresis.
 In addition, it has strong cooling system which enables Radio Frequency (RF) energy penetration up to dermis layer without pain, and promotes/ induces collagen generation by heating the dermis layer to provide elasticity to the skin.
Lunar-N restores tired, sagged and aging skin by various pollution and stress back to healthy and elastic skin using two types of skin treatment.

● Electrophoresis
It is the way to interfuse the effective solution to the skin through electrical stimulation without needles.
Electrical pulse makes the micro holes temporarily in the surface of the skin, effective solution is permeated in the skin through the cell membrane. When the moment electrical pulse is stopped, holes will be closed.
● Radio Frequency & Thermal energy
After applying RF in the human body, the heat is generated in the treatment area. Once Radio Frequency electric current is delivered in the skin deeply, it is converted into thermal energy by distortion, spin & impact.
Due to the tissue temperature rising, it is effective of improving the function of the cell, promoting blood circulation, improving lymphatic circulation, cellulite burning, enhancing skin regeneration and so on.

02 Features

● Cooling/Heating Stimulation
- Strong soothing effect on the tired skin      - Pore-tightening effects
- Effective treatment of the swollen eyes and cheeks through the effect of cold inflammation
   and edema reduction.
- Effective removal of swelling      - Excellent moisturizing effect in synergy with astringent
● Electronic stimulation (EP, RF)
- Skin lifting effect by      - Current (lifting)
- Alkali reaction: Sebum removal, Keratin degradation, Skin softening
- Acid reaction: Improving skin elasticity by hardening action of subacidity
- Joule : Collagen activation
● Cryo-electrophoresis
Powerful Cryo-eleotrophoresis can prevent skin burns by cooling the skin surface and maximize drug penetration. Existing Electrophoresis penetrates 30% but Lunar-N is able to penetrate 50% ~ 60%.
- No damage     - Powerful penetration (Nutrient)

03 Application

04 Accessories

LI one month after 4 treatments

04 Before & After

Electrophoresis l 4th Whitening l

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