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FRAXIS, CO2 Fractional Laser System

Effective & Powerful fractional resurfacing system with low risk of PIH

01 Introduction

(Micro thermal Treatment zones)
FRAXIS releases micro-sized Laser beams punched into
the skin, which gives strong dry ablation & mild thermal
, that gives good results for scars, wrinkle, rejuve
nation, large pore Multiple Laser Beam hole is delivered to

Tube from Synrad in US, RF Metal Tube is 30W power and Laser Beam quality is very stable and regular with 100micron spot size and showing good efficacy.

Fractional resurfacing is the cutting edge skin resurfacing technology in which the laser makes multiple precise tiny holes called Micro Thermal Zones (MTZ) in your skin. Because the MTZ are so close to one another, the body’s natural healing process repairs not just the holes but the entire treatment area. And because healthy untreated skin surrounds each of the MTZ, recovery is markedly faster than traditional laser resurfacing allowing you to resume your normal activities with limited downtime

FRAXIS improves not only superficial skin, but also delivering energy to dermis for Tightening, Wrinkle, Rejuvenation, Large pore & Scar Care

02 Features

● RF Metal Tube
Stable Power(30W) and regular Beam Quality
● Diverse Setting
- Scan Type
Fractional Photothermolysis is treatment for partial skin, so if epidermis or superior derma gets damaged, surrounding non-damaged tissue makes possible to recover the damaged tissue with quickly and easily. choosable 8 kinds of scanning shape depending on the treatment area.
- Short Treatment Time
Duration is adjustable 100~5,000us and fast shot speed provides short treatment time
- Overlap
Overlap with 1~10th, the energy delivers into deep dermis with less damage to the superficial skin
- Distance between dots
Distance between dots is adjustable from 0.1~2.0mm, so it is available precise treatment according to the treatment area.
● Fractional, Normal Handpiece
 1) Fractional hand piece : Adjustable 1×1~20×20mm treatment size for fast treatment with precise laser beam makes skin resurfacing effects.
 2) Normal Hand piece : Removing Watt, Spot, Angioma, Xanthelasma and corn etc and using Surgical treatment
● Fast Efficacy and Diverse Treatment
Even 1 treatment session, it provides satisfaction to the patient and applicable from Skin surfacing to scar, stretch mark and so on.
● User Friendly UI
Easy to operate with Wide Touch screen(10.4inch) & User interface
● GynoLaser
Non-surgical Laser treatment for vaginal tightening and urinary incontinence
FRAXIS CO₂ Fractional Laser : Minimal invasiveness / less pain, less PIH / Reduced down time User Interface Stable Beam Quality Fractional handpiece Normal handpiece

03 Application

04 Before & After

Seborrheic keratoses
Verrucous papilloma
Back acne scars
Acne Scars and large pores
Atrophic scar
Periorbital laxity

05 Download