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EPILIA RF, Synergy of Diode Laser plus RF

Fast and stable treatment for permanent hair removal and skin

01 Introduction

  • ● 1st Cooling
    Protect Epidermis layer against the heat.
    Epidermis Temp ▼ , Dermis Temp ▲
    ⇒ Epidermis Impedance ▲ , Dermis impedance ▼
  • ● 2nd Collimated Fractional Laser
    Laser preheats the hair follicle. (Energy level is safe even for
    dark skin) ‘Act as a guide of RF’
    Dermis Temp
    ⇒ Dermis▲ Impedance▼
  • ● 3rd RF
    RF applies more heat to hair follicle. (RF is not affected by skin
    melanin) Impedance of dermis get lowered. So RF energy is
    more concentrated on. more concentrated on the hair follicle

EPILIA RF has two energy sources(Collimated Laser diode & Radio Frequency) and creates synergy effect. The two different types of energy sources complement and interact each other and each energy is enable to act for hair removal with relatively reduced energy level compared to act as single energy. By controlling dual energy, users can operate various skin type and hair type in safe.

RF is not affected by the certain chromophore such as melanin on the skin and in hair shaft, hair removal of Epilia RF is effective on light & thin hair as well as Skin rejuvenation.

02 Features

Deliver thermal energy to hair, just like laser and RF energy.
This makes possible to low laser energy treatment which has high melanin absorption rate, so it has low influence on skin melanin.

More Safety

Dual Action Tissue Rejuvenation
Skin Tightening Hair Removal
Advantage of Epilia RF
● Most Skin and Hair type is available
    Co-operative effect by combination of Laser and RF, operating on brighter color hair or dark skin is available in safe.
● Power cooling(2℃ )
    Sapphire-tip contacting cooling keeps 2℃ and protects epidermis layer during treat time for patient comfort.
● RF safety sensor
    Laser is emitted only in case the hand piece is properly contacted on the skin by RF safety sensor on the hand piece.
● Fast treatment
    Fast treatment can be achieved by FDP mode( up to 10Hz)and DP1 mode(up to 3Hz).
● Accuracy and efficiency
    Collimating lenses uniformly radiate direct laser and heat the target hair follicle without energy loss by scattering.
● No additional cost
    Epilia RF has no consumable parts and does not need maintenance cost.

03 Application

04 Download